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My book is due soon. Can I keep it longer / extend the due date / renew it?

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 Check here for all our ways to renew - in person, on the phone, and through My Library Account: To see a list of the items you currently have checked out, click the "My account" button from the library's homepage.   Some materials cannot be renewed, such as reference or reserve books and Pop Culture Library DVDs.  If the book ... read more

Do you have movies?

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Yep, in both the main stacks and the Browne Popular Culture Library on the 4th floor. Search for PCL DVDs from their homepage:   You can also borrow movies from OhioLINK or SearchOhio. ... read more

I have a fine. How can I pay?

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You can pay your fine at the circulation desk, using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or your BG1 Card, for approximately the first week after the book was returned. The fine, if not paid, will be transferred to your Bursar bill and can be paid through MyBGSU.  See here for fine amounts: read more

I have lost a library book (or it was stolen or damaged, or I accidentally took it home over the summer, or any other problems). What can I do?

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Contact the circulation desk at 419-372-2051 or as soon as possible. We can work with you to resolve the problem.... read more

I am not a student, staff member, or faculty member at BGSU. Can I still use the library?

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 Yes!  Visitors and guests are welcome to visit the library and use library resources while you are here. If you would like to check out books, check out the information here about courtesy cards: Anyone who has received a degree from BGSU is eligible for a free courtesy card. ... read more

Where are the magazines/journals/periodicals?

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Hard copies of journals are located behind the Learning Commons on the first floor of the library.  They're arranged alphabetically by journal title and chronologically within each title. Many more periodicals are available online through the library's subscriptions. Click here to search for a specific periodical title. This search works for both online and print journals. tags: magazines, journal... read more

I need a book that someone has checked out. What can I do?

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You can check to see whether the book is available through OhioLINK  or SearchOhio. Or, contact the circulation desk at 419-372-2051 or to recall the book from the person who has it checked out.... read more

What are the library's hours?

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Check when the library opens or closes here as well as hours for the week and for the month.  Note that hours may vary by location.... read more

Can I borrow a laptop at the library? Do you have Kindles, iPads, a calculator, a pair of headphones, a phone charger?

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 Yes! Borrow laptops, Kindles, iPads, headphones, iPhone 4 and 5, and Android phone chargers at the Jerome Library circulation desk on the first floor. Borrow calculators at the Learning Commons. Headphones are also available at the Research and Information desk. We also have umbrellas and a GoPro along with other cameras.  In addition to the chargers for checkout, there is a charging station loca... read more

How do I find out where this book is in the library?

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Once you've found a book in the catalog, use the Map It! feature to help you locate the book within the library. ... read more

I need help formatting/submitting my ETD to OhioLINK.

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The handbook is online here: And you can get in-person help from STAC here in the library: read more

Can I check out a reference book?

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Sure, most circulate for 24 hours and can be checked out at the Circulation Desk. ... read more

Do you have my textbook?

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Search by course number here to find out if your book is on reserve. Most reserve textbooks are available for a 2 hour checkout, in the library only. Or follow these instructions to search for your textbook in the Jerome Library or OhioLINK catalogs:   ... read more

What software is on the computers?

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 Consult to search for software in labs throughout campus.... read more

Where can I find Vancouver citation information?

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BGSU has not put together anything for this citation style, but you can find guides here: and here: read more

Are there color printers/printing in the library?

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There are color printers on the first floor (by the ITS desk), 2nd floor in the Curriculum Resource Center, 3rd floor in the Music Library, 4th floor in the Popular Culture Library and 5th floor in the Archives.... read more

Where can I find MLA citation information?

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 Start with our MLA Citation Guide: read more

Where can I get started with research for my GSW 1120 paper topic?

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Summon! If you need assistance, please contact the Research and Information Desk.... read more

What are the cafe's hours?

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BGSU's Dining site has the hours for Thinkers @ Outtakes listed here: Thinkers is closed during summer semester and intersession weeks.... read more

When will my OhioLINK book arrive?

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Books usually arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Occasionally, a book may take longer if the book was checked out to someone else when you made your request. You will get an email when the book arrives. Come to the circulation desk with a photo ID to pick up your book. If you have any questions about an OhioLINK request, call the circulation desk at 419-372-2051 or ... read more

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